Welcome to My Portfolio

I am good at what I do and am a reliable, known commodity in the technical communications community. I have been a working writer, editor, and proofreader for about 30 years. I have worked in many market segments and for many companies both as a full-time employee and as a consultant. This background has given me a broad experience base and has grown my ability to customize communications to particular audiences for stated purposes.

My specialty is communicating information that is technically correct while being presented from a marketing perspective.

In brief, I am:

· A specialist in all types of marketing and technical communications who is known for quickly learning about new topics and technologies

· An editor/writer with a working knowledge of good design who is able to work in all communication channels

· A communicator who takes pride in finding creative solutions to complex problems, getting the details right, and in building and leading teams

· A self-starter who is organized and able to prioritize and follow a project through from beginning to completion, and who is able to work under pressure and meet deadlines

· An educator who has a passion for teaching in the work environment, in the classroom, and through publications

· A project manager who can direct large, complex communications projects

My Skill Set

Write simple, clear, concise, targeted copy of all types of marketing and technical communications

Edit, proofread, and fact/data check communications for content accuracy as well as grammar, consistency, and writing style

Work with all levels of management as well as part of a team or as a liaison between teams to achieve consistent communications and solve complex communications problems

Manage internal and external services including illustrators, designers, photographers, agencies, and print providers to streamline operations

Fine-tune messaging to make it easily understood by the audience; able to target the same message to different audiences based on needs and potential reaction to message

Work collaboratively to define and implement a concept through copy, images, and creative presentation to achieve the best-possible reader/viewer experience

Find creative solutions to unique communications challenges such as display graphics, sales tools, internet communications, training tools, and packaging

photo blue background 2   Betty Matkowski

   Principal of Technically Correct

   April 1999 to Present